Mental Healthcare and Rehabilitation

At Chesterholm Lodge, we strive to provide a service which is enabling and supportive to each Service User, and is tailored to meet each person’s needs, including their psychological needs. We recognise that Service Users have experienced difficulties in aspects of their daily living and psychological well-being in the past, and staff work in ways which aim to improve Service Users’ quality of life, and help them to return to higher degrees of mental well-being, stability, and a more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.       

We promote inclusion in all that we do, and care planning and care packages for each Service User are designed with them to assist with recovery and improvement. We promote Service Users making decisions for themselves within their daily living, but within a supportive framework whereby staff are always on hand to guide, encourage, assist, and motivate. Providing stimulation and interesting activities to Service Users in keeping with their preferences, as well as monitoring, supervising and advising where required, assists Service Users to lead more fulfilling lives, whilst ensuring they remain safe and secure.

However, we also encourage residents to take risks within a risk assessment framework, and ensure that residents make decisions in all aspects of their daily living. In promoting psychological well-being and recovery, we see our role very much as promoting independence and choice, but ensuring that suitably trained staff are on hand to advise and guide where needed, and provide the levels of psychological support and reassurance which service users may require. We actively encourage Service Users to participate in the local community, and support Service Users to access any services or facilities in the community they wish. Our role is not to stifle, but to support and help service users develop, improve skills in all areas, and ultimately improve their quality of life.   


Specific care plans can be arranged for Service Users with their assistance, in circumstances where a Service User may require short-term care to assist in short-term rehabilitation. Care packages and care plans agreed would address any particular current issue a Service User had, and include strategies for supporting the Service User through the current issues.

Chesterholm Lodge also has good links with relevant professionals, who regularly assist us. This includes local GPs and community nursing, as well as the involvement of community psychiatric nurses.
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